Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pictures (experimental)

Here are three pictures that I have been tinkering with to see the limits of what can be achieved with the present camera set up, and to see whether a further investment in additional lenses is necessary.  As before these are zoomable images, click on the  icon, bottom left of the picture to get a larger view which you can zoom in and drag. ( they look good fullscreen, usually available on most browsers by pressing the F11 key)

First image is a volcanic rock from southern Germany known as Limbergite, really an exotic basalt. The bright crystal is titanium rich pyroxene showing differing types of zoning, and also amygdules filled with a radiating zeolite mineral. XPL view. The length of the big pyroxene is 9mm long

Next is from nearer home, from a basalt dyke on the Isle of Skye. Again some radial zeolites, and colourful pyroxenes, curved and branching. A very rarely seen texture. XPL view

Last another volcanic rock, this time from La Palma, the Cumbre Veija volcano. Well known to watchers of disaster documentaries as the potential source of a landslip that may cause a tsunami that could, in turn, devastate the east coast of USA. (Possibly). The rock is known as a phonolite and is silica undersaturated. This gives rise to a rare mineral called Hauyne (pronunced "how-een"), the pale blue mineral with good shapes, and the darkest colour concentrated towards outer edge. Also visible are brown amphibole and green pyroxene, probably aegirine, the whole in a matrix of feldspar laths, grains of magnetite and volcanic glass. PPL view as the hauyne is isotropic and would appear black in XPL.

The experimental nature of these is that these are taken at the highest magnification I can currently achieve with the current camera/lens setup. (no microscope). The first is a single shot, the bottom two are several shots stitched together with varying degrees of success.

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