Sunday, 5 May 2013

Vesuvius Lava 
GEOSEC. Future plans as of 5th May 2013.

As you may have noticed the number of slides offered for sale has reduced recently. This is only temporary, and there are a number of reasons.

Firstly I am assisting with a geology group who are touring the area, and will be occupied full time with this all next week. 13th to 22nd. Although I will still be here, burglars please note, I will not have time to manufacture anything.

Secondly, much of my machinery is in much need of some maintenance. The machines get used with only minimal servicing for months without break, and some are now urgently requiring attention.

Finally, I am working on a couple of projects, high resolution photographs, movies, and website http://www, development. I am also reviewing how the slides are sold, I have relied much on ebay in the past, and I will still be using it in the future, but there may be alternatives that are more appropriate and can be offered as an alternative. Follow this blog for more information.

Rob Gill.

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