Thursday, 23 May 2013

New Online Store -

As mentioned in a previous blog Geosec's new store is now LIVE! It can be found at
Selling slides started as a bit of an experiment in 2004, and ebay was an easy way to get started. Ebay has changed quite a bit in the nine years since, becoming increasingly restricting and expensive for sellers. Another 'Ebay Improvement' is scheduled for August, it seems to be an improvement to allow for increased seller fees in my (admittedly somewhat jaundiced) view. Time has come for a change. has taken a while to set up, as with any new software it takes a while to get to know, which boxes need to be filled and which can be safely ignored. I hope it is fully functional, time will tell. If anyone finds a fault please let me know, and I will try to fix it. 

On other matters Geosec has been assisting to host a geology tour group from Germany. Visits to Iona, Staffa, Mull, as well as Ardnamurchan. I am always happy to show off our outstanding geology, this area can compete with anywhere in the world, and beat most. The group seemed suitably impressed and the weather joined in by providing a sample of every type normally enjoyed here, often in very quick sucession.

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