Monday, 6 May 2013

Last postings and camera information

As mentioned before there will now be a temporary lull in postings. I will be spending some of the time in publishing on the Geosec Slides website more high resolution images of thin sections.

I now have more than 100 of these waiting for processing, and intend to add descriptions of the minerals, to the best of my abilities. The aim is to aid you, the buyers and anyone interested in minaralogy, to understand what you see. The usual name for these images are photomicrographs, i.e. photographs taken through a microscope. This is not exactly correct in this case. No microscope is involved, the camera is a Canon EOS 60D and the lens a Canon 60mm macro (1x). Polarizing lenses (linear not circular) are mounted either side of the slide.

The advantage of this is the wide field of view, about 20mm, which enables most of the specimen to be photographed. Using a microscope with the lowest power objective usually available, 4x, gives a field of view of about 6mm. This is fine for closeups of individual crystals, but does not give an impression of the specimen as a whole.

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