Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A wider audience....

To view Thin Section slides in the usual way requires a special microscope, equipped with polarising filters and other refinements not normally found on standard microscopes. These microscopes are not cheap, neither are the thin section slides themselves. Over the past few years Geosec has been trying to find ways to spread the interest in and enjoyment of viewing our slides, to people who do not have access to a microscope and slides.

Photographs are the usual means, but are limited in how much they can convey. There is no movement or change of colour, you cannot 'explore' the slide by moving around it and trying different focus and other settings.

At Geosec we are currently experimenting with video, zoomable pictures and other ideas as much as time permits when not actually making the next batch of slides for sale. An interactive software program, the Geoscope, was tried, but ran into problems with the web browser programs that the program ran in, being automatically updated and stopping it working. 

Ammonite from Madagascar 

So, still work in progress....

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